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With a decade of professional baking and decorating under our aprons, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of tips, techniques and recipes and are excited to share this knowledge. Below you will find information on our workshops, masterclasses and our most trusted recipes.

We have something for everyone at the Academy so whether you’re a home baker on a quest for improvement, a business aiming to innovate and stand out, or simply someone eager to embrace the joy of baking and have fun – consider yourself warmly welcomed. Join us to unlock the secrets behind crafting macarons and cakes. Our group and one-to-one classes cater to all skills levels and have a perfect blend of learning and fun. Reserve your spot now. Follow us on Instagram @bakerstcakes.co.uk to keep up to date with all information regarding the academy and for free tutorials and tips.

Your culinary adventure awaits!

Experience days / Workshops

Mini Cake Decorating Workshop

Do you want to be creative, learn some really achievable decorating tricks and techniques that you can use again and again and most importantly have fun? 

Then sign up for one of our mini cake decorating workshop.

  • It is beginner friendly 
  • You will learn how to handle a piping bag, turntable and plate knife.
  • You will see various piping techniques 
  • You will learn how to stack and fill a mini cake (4 inch). 

You can decide the artistic direction of your cake as you will have full creative freedom. You will leave with your fabulous cake. You can grab a friend or meet other cake lovers and have loads of fun. 

Please note you will receive your cake ready-made so there will be no baking in the class. All decorating materials will be provided for you and we will be there to assist and give you tips and tricks. Light refreshments and delicious, sweet treats will be provided. Minimum age requirement 18 years old. 

Our workshops are perfect if you’re planning an office team building exercise, hen party, childrens party or any sort of get together. Either at the Academy, or in a venue we organise to suit your needs, just email us academy@bakerstcakes.co.uk or fill out the contact form below and we can create something bespoke for you. 

Click here for the latest workshop date and details:



At the Academy we will be offering small group classes and 1-2-1 experiences for cake decorating, layering and decorating bespoke cakes & wedding cakes, and even macarons!

Bespoke Buttercream Cake Decorating:  Embark on a journey of mastery with our expert-led cake classes, delving into the art of:
  • Crafting the perfect buttercream, complete with exclusive recipes
  • Achieving a flawlessly smooth finish on your creations
  • Building structurally sound layered cakes
  • Mastering the techniques of piping and decorating
  • Elevating your cakes with artful flower arrangements for maximum impact
  • Staying ahead with the latest trends in buttercream design, from captivating concrete textures to intricate fault lines and enchanting buttercream flowers.  Join us as we unfold the secrets to creating confectionery masterpieces. Dates for this master class will be released soon


Macaron Making

We will be giving you all of the insider know-how on our award winning, nationally featured (on the BBC Nadiya Hussain – Everyday baking) macarons so get ready to master this art yourself!

In our captivating Macaron Class, participants will unravel the secrets of creating these delicate delights.

Expect to master:

  1. Precise Macaron Technique: Learn the art of achieving the perfect macaron batter consistency for those coveted smooth, glossy shells.
  2. Flavourful Variations: Explore a palette of flavours and fillings, turning your macarons into exquisite, personalized treats.
  3. Troubleshooting Skills: Tackle common macaron challenges with confidence, ensuring flawless results every time.
  4. Piping Perfection: Hone your piping skills to craft uniform macaron shells with finesse and precision.
  5. Storage and Presentation Tips: Discover how to store macarons properly and present them beautifully for any occasion.

Join us in this immersive macaron experience – dates to be released soon.

We’re excited, hope you are too. 



Elevate your baking game with our carefully crafted recipes that ensure satisfaction and success in your baking.  Buy yours today!

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